Discover Montserrat and its Spectacular Surroundings

The Benedictine monastery of Montserrat is awe-inspiring on two levels: the splendour of the monastery itself and the breathtaking surroundings you can explore during this daytrip.

This Montserrat tour lasts approximately 5 hours, so if you wish, you can fit in a little extra sightseeing when you return to the city. However, there is a lot of walking and fresh mountain air involved, so a leisurely dinner or stroll along La Rambla or the Gothic Quarter will probably be enough!

As your tour bus travels through towns on its journey up through the rugged terrain of Montserrat, you can’t help but notice the natural beauty of the area. Montserrat is Spain’s first national park, boasting unusual rock formations and lush greenery at almost every turn.

On arrival at the monastery, your visit will begin with a tour. This will incorporate The Virgin of Montserrat (also called The Black Virgin or La Moreneta), an enshrined Romanesque carving dating back to the 12th century.

As you progress through the monastery, you’ll learn its history and about daily life in Santa Maria de Montserrat. Another favourite along the tour is a tasting of some of the liquors made by the monks of Montserrat.

If you are lucky, you may hear the monastery’s children’s choir singing at midday.

Afterwards, there is plenty of time to explore some of the national park of Montserrat. Hike along the paths to find distinctive rock formations and unparalleled panoramic views of Barcelona and the surrounding countryside. No matter what your age is, or your fitness level, you will find an amazing trail you can enjoy.

Price: €53 per Adult. €40 per child.

What´s included?




Guided tour


Duration: 4 hours

From April 1 to October 31: English every day; Spanish on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; French on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday; and German on Wednesday. From November 1 to March 31: English every day; Spanish on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday; and French on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Meeting Point: Balmes, 5

Time 9:15am

Top Tip:

As this tour includes religious sites, we ask that you wear clothes that cover your arms, legs and shoulders during the visits.



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