This is our most visited beach by far. Its a short train ride out of the city. The train runs form Plaça Catalunya and has you at the beach with in 30 minutes.

The train station is right on the beach, so not a huge walk ahead. Once on the beach you’ll find a spot near the water, even during July and August. The water is clear and one thing that makes this beach a winner is that the water is shallow for about a meter and then drops out to a couple of meters deep.

You have you’re usual sellers or beer, water and crisps. But they are not as aggressive in their sales pitch as those on Barcelona main beach.

There is a large floating inflatable activity obstacle course down the Beach towards Montgat. Its €8 per person for an hour. Its great fun and a huge hit with the kids.

In all this beach feel like a locals beach and for a relaxing each day, this would be our top recommendation.

How to get there: From Barcelona’s Sants station or Plaza Catalunya station take the Renfe train line R1 and get off at Mongat or Mongat Nord which is even less populated.



Montgat Nord, spain


41.468971, 2.2867089999999735