Your Guide To: La Pedrera

This building’s official name is Casa Milà. However, you’ll find it difficult to find a local who doesn’t call it by its popular nickname, “La Pedrera”, which means “stone quarry”.

La Pedrera is a must-see for any fan of Gaudí’s work, or of Modernism. In fact, this building is such an important source of art, architecture and history that it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Pedrera is situated in the central Eixample district of Barcelona, just off Passeig de Gracia. It’s instantly recognisable, with a curving, wavelike exterior crowned by twisting chimneys.

Your admission price includes an audio-guide, enabling you to learn all about the building’s history and captivating features as you stroll around La Pedrera’s many levels.

There are several main areas to discover, including a small museum devoted to Gaudí (Espai Gaudí), but the highlight for most people is the roof terrace. Like many of Barcelona’s architectural gems, the terrace at La Pedrera does provide spectacular city-views. However, it’s the curving, colourful chimneys and rooftop décor that will hold your attention here.

A visit to La Pedrera at any time is fascinating, but for the best experience, we recommend stopping by for “The Secret Pedrera” at night.

Your Guide To: The History

Antoni Gaudí began work on La Pedrera in 1906 and construction was completed in 1912. This was Gaudí’s last civil work.

La Pedrera was built for Pere Milà and his wife, Roser Segimon. It later became an apartment building and over the years, much of the building’s famous features were covered over.

Today, La Pedrera has been restored to its original splendour and functions as a heritage building and the headquarters of the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera.

The price: General admission 20.50 EUR

What´s included? Admission, Skip the line!

Address: Provença 261-265, Barcelona. daily

Languages: Audio guides available in 10 languages.

Open times: from 09:00 hrs till 6pm. In summer, at 8pm, last access at 7.30pm.

Combine La Pedrera With:

  • Casa Battló and Palau Güell
  • A day in Barcelona city centre
  • Sagrada Família to see contrast in Gaudí’s style

What You Need to Know:

This is one of the city’s latest-opening attractions, encompassing the “La Pedrera by Day” from 8.00 am until 9.00 pm (last entry at 8.00 pm) and “The Secret Pedrera” from 8.30 pm until 11.30 pm (last entry at 10.00 pm).

As with many of Barcelona’s top attractions, La Pedrera is busy at all times, so pre-booking your ticket is a huge advantage.





261 Provença, barcelona


41.394946, 2.1617519999999786





Opening Hours


9am - 8pm (6pm between the 3rd November 26th February)


9am - 8pm (6pm between the 3rd November 26th February)


9am - 8pm (6pm between the 3rd November 26th February)


9am - 8pm (6pm between the 3rd November 26th February)


9am - 8pm (6pm between the 3rd November 26th February)


9am - 8pm (6pm between the 3rd November 26th February)


9am - 8pm (6pm between the 3rd November 26th February)