Yes, you read the title correctly. For me this was a boyhood dream. Well to own one was the dream, but since having our two kids, I’ve acknowledged that may not happen.

I saw the line of Ferrari’s down by the harbour and thought they either belonged to one of owners of one of the many stunning Yachts, or there was a car show going on.

I headed down and could believe my eyes when I saw the advertising board. I could Drive a Ferrari around Barcelona for 20 minutes for just €45! There were on if’s, but’s or maybe’s. I was going to get behind the wheel as soon as possible.

There was a tough decision to make though. Whether to drive the Ferrari F430 Spider convertible, or pay a little more and get my hands on the Ferrari Italia.  When I say tough decission, it really wasn’t that hard, the sun was shinning and I’m in Barcelona, so of course, the convertible F430.

When you head out you’ll be told that at no time can you break the speed limit…. but thats not to say that you can’t accelerate very quickly and let the engine roar. In fact, it was encouraged.

While the 20 minutes went by too quickly, but it was such an amazing experience. When you finish you have the option to by the video of your drive. The video shows both the internal camera facing you and also the road in front. I wasn’t sure about buying it, but Fiona told me it was a one of experience and to get it. I am so pleased that I did.They give you a usb stick and watching the video back is so much fun.

I’ll update you once I’ve driven the Ferrari Italia. Something that has to happen, and soon.




Port Olímpic, Moll de Marina, 08005 Barcelona


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